Green mango fruit manifesto

There'll be a whole bunch of exploration, wandering, discovery, before ANYTHING kicks in.
I'm nowhere near ready. I'm 100% green mango fruit. And no green mango fruit looks like mango fruit.
Nor rotten mango fruit. That's the inverse process, which in this moment does not concern me in any way.

I have to be able to catch facts in my fist and paint them with words, which give pure visible shapes size, matter and color.
Writing is a method, and you don't choose the method. At least not so much as it chooses you instead, within its possibilities and its limitations.

Myths have no end or beginning. We seek idols and we soon realize they're just Play-Doh garbage. 
Real life does have real cohesion.
Bildungsromaner too. Just as long as you don't think its too late to get moving, or that you have gone far enough.

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